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Exercícios Inglês - Wh Questions

1) Match the columns:
a) When - I) used for time
b) Why - II) used for places
c) How - III) used to give reasons
d) Where - IV) used to specify the way something was performed

2) Put the words in the correct order:
a) is it when to be going?
b) many things how you do to do have?
c) the hospital where is?
d) are you why planning to this do?
e) what your are plans?

3) Choose the correct answers in the parenthesis:
a) a) They don’t know ___ (when/what) they are going to arrive.
b) Please, tell me ___ (when/where) the airport is.
c) ___ (What / How) old are you?
d) They want to know ___ (why / where) she lives.
e) ___ (What/Why) are the problems?

4) Fill in the blanks:
a) Give them ___ they need.
b) ___ does she have to go with you? At night?
c) ___ doesn’t she say a word?
d) Gary needs to know ___ he will pick you up: at the avenue or at home?

5) Which is the correct answer for the following question:
Where is this party going to be?

a) The party will be over at about ten o’clock.
b) Because it has lots of guests.
c) This is Jeff’s wedding party.
d) The party will be at the club.

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