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Exercícios Inglês - Verbos Modais

1) I told Mary what to do, but maybe I _____ told her how to do it.
a) Have
b) Must have
c) Will have
d) Should have
e) Can have

2) Which is the correct sentence?
a) Orderly citizens must pay all their bills.
b) Orderly citizens ought pay all their bills.
c) Orderly citizens should to pay all their bills.
d) Orderly citizens might pay all their bills.

3) It ought ____ long ago.
a) Have been done
b) To have being done
c) Have being doing
d) To have been done

4) ____ I smoke here? Yes, but you _____ throw ashes on the floor.
a) May – should
b) Might – must not
c) Can – mustn’t
d) Could – ought to
e) Would – shouldn’t

5) “Ele não deveria ter feito isso” in English is:
a) He mustn’t have made it.
b) He shouldn’t have done that.
c) He could not have made it.
d) He cannot have done that.

6) It _____ rain. You _____ take and umbrella.
a) must – ought to
b) may – should
c) should – may
d) must – might
e) ought to – might

7) Choose the correct answer in the parenthesis:
a) Irving’s going to get married. He _____ (might/must) be out of his mind.
b) If you don’t go on a diet, dear, the building _____ (needs/might) collapse.
c) People used to say that if you ______ (could/might) cook, you were ready to get married.
d) I _________ (should/can’t) stand it anymore.
e) ______ (Can/Must) you close the door, please?
f) You ______ (might/should) share your toys with your sister, young man.
g) You ____ (can/might) talk to me. I won’t tell anybody.
h) One _____ (could/should) make the complaint that it’s too much to read. Yet there are no short cuts to learning anything.
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