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Exercícios Inglês - Verbo To Be

1) Complete the following sentences with one choice in the parenthesis
a) She ____ (am/is) very beautiful.
b) ____ (are/is) they working today?
c) ____ (It’s/Its) not raining.

2) Put the words in order:
a) not is big house this a
b) he my brother ‘s
c) parents they are my

3) Complete the chart:

Ver resposta -> ‘s

Ver resposta -> ‘re

4) Change the phrases into negative form:
a) I am your teacher.
b) They’re from Brazil.
c) It’s barking for hours!

5) Write all possible negative forms of the following verbs:
a) AM
b) IS
c) ARE

6) One of the following phrases is incorrect. Which one?
a) He’s one of my favorite singers.
b) We are friends since 1983.
c) They is very nice people.

7) Make questions with the words in the parenthesis.
a) ____________________ (Steven / is / student /a)
b) ____________________ (they / from / the / USA / are)
c) ____________________ (I / am / ready / travel / to)

8) Match the numbers and the letters:
a) This ___ my dog. 1) are
b) These ___ our classes. 2) am
c) I ___ from São Paulo. 3) is

9) Find the mistakes:
a) They arne’t doctors anymore.
b) She’is really dedicated.
c) I amn’t from Italy.

10) Turn the sentences into interrogative form:
a) We aren’t neighbors.
(Aren’t we neighbors?) b) I’m not the manager.
c) It’s snowing.

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