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Exercícios Inglês - Relative Clauses e Relative Pronouns

1) Complete with the appropriate relative pronoun:
a) The lady _____ sold me this house is a world-famous actress.
b) The book _____ I was reading yesterday is a detective story.
c) The elderly woman _____ you spoke to is my mother.
d) The house ____ walls are green belongs to Peter.
e) Greg, ______ used to be my best friend, had been watching TV nonstop since the previous morning.
f) We want to know _____ side you're on.
g) Can you determine ______ drawing this is?

2) That is the one _____ I always use.
a) whose
b) which
c) who
d) whom
e) what

3) The key ______ is missing.
a) that starts the engine with
b) starts the engine
c) it starts the engine
d) the engine starts with which
e) that starts the engine

4) The Nile, ______, is the longest river in Africa.
a) that beginning lies lake Victoria
b) who rising from lake Victoria
c) which source is in lake Victoria
d) whose source lies in lake Victoria

5) She speaks so softly ____ we can barely herar her.
a) than
b) but
c) that
d) since
e) though

6) The house ______ he lives in in Charqueada needs repairing.
a) where
b) what
c) –
d) whose
e) in which

7) The oxen ____ here ____ a large sum of money.
a) that is – are worth
b) who are – have been sold for
c) that are – was sold by
d) whose owner is – were sold for
e) which are – were sold by

8) Make relative clauses for the sentences below:
a) I met a boy. + He's able to deal with our father.
b) We've bought a house. + It's very big and comfortable.
. c) They needed to eat protein. + Protein is good for health.
d) Carol said she wants go to with Jessica. + Jessica wants to be alone.

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