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Exercícios Inglês - Pronomes Possessivos

1) Complete the chart:

Ver resposta -> Yours

Ver resposta -> Ours

2) Choose the correct answer:
a) This car is ____ (my / mine).
b) Those are ____ cars (their / theirs).
c) It's ____ (her / hers).

3) Complete the chart:
Ver resposta -> Your / yours

Ver resposta -> Her / hers

Ver resposta -> Your/yours

They -> Ver resposta

4) Find the mistake:
a) Theirs cars are big ones.
b) It's bone is hidden under the sand.
c) I think that this is not hers house.

5) One of the following is not correct. Which one?
a) Betty always says that the car is hers.
b) His sneakers are really nice!
c) They bought theirs house together.

6) Make phrases with the words:
a) ___________________ (school / my / far / here / from / is / very)
b) ___________________ (think / I / that / this / ball / hers / is)
c) ___________________ (ours / is / Brazil)

7) Complete the sentences with all possible possessives:
a) This is _____________________ idea!
b) That dress is not _____, it's hers.

8) Answer the questions using one option in the parenthesis:
a) - Are they your employees?
- Not actually, they're _________ (their / theirs)
b) – Is this supposed to by mine?
-Yes, that is __________ (your / yours) gift.

9) Correct the phrases below when necessary:
a) He's trip is not for this month.
b) No discussion: their cars are their cars.
c) She is going to buy hers new pants.

10) Complete with the correct answer:
a) This is _____ (my / mine).
b) Those are _____ (she's / hers).
c) ____ (It's / Its) house is under that tree

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