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Exercícios Inglês - Pronomes Pessoais

1) Correct the mistakes, if necessary:
a) This car is mine.
b) Ours kitchen is the most comfortable.
c) Robert made by hisself his own house.
d) They have gone by theyselves.
e) Every morning I make mine own bed.
f) She never studies by herself.
g) Stephanie likes to wash hers ears.

2) Which is the correct sentence:
a) Mine is blue.
b) My is green.
c) Her is yellow.
d) Theirs belts are old.

3) Which is the incorrect sentence:
a) This work was made by he.
b) No one needs to know what they have made.
c) Sheila loves her husband.
d) Arthur prepared everything all by himself.

4) Complete the chart:
Ver resposta -> Mine

Their -> Ver resposta

5) Give the correct answers:
a) It seems that _____ (it's/its) leg is not okay.
b) Edward showed _____ (his/he's) new palace.
c) Samba is the most exciting dance I could perform with _____ (my/mine) wife.
d) _____ (Its/It's) drawer is really big, isn't it?
e) _____ (He/Him) couldn't travel alone this time.
f) John tried to put _____ (him/himself) in danger.
g) We couldn't believe that she would be able to eat all be ____ (her/herself).
h) ____ (Their/They) advice was useful at that day.

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