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Exercícios Inglês - Presente Perfeito

1) Turn the sentences into negative form:
a) Some fool has let the cat in.
b) I've broken my leg.
c) Our dog has died.
d) I've travelled in Africa a lot!
e) Mary has had a baby.

2) Turn the sentences into interrogative form:
a) Andy has won a big prize.
b) I've written six letters.
c) I've known her for four years.
d) He's been thinking.
e) Eric has moved.

3) Complete with "have" or "has":
a) _____ they tried to be there in an hour?
b) _____ it eaten up everything?
c) _____ we given up already?

4) Find the mistakes:
a) I've buy you a new car!
b) Sara haven't gone away.
c) It's cry a lot.

5) Put the words in the correct order:
a) that mountain climbed nobody has ever.
b) my life I have think I met once her in.
c) it thought have you about?

6) Complete the chart with verbs in the past participle:
Example: buy -> bought

Have -> Ver resposta

Think -> Ver resposta

Grow -> Ver resposta

7) Choose the correct answer in the parenthesis:
a) Man ____ (has walked / walked) on the moon.
b) Our son _____ (learned / has learned) how to read.
c) She ____ (went / has gone) to China yesterday.
d) I ____ (saw / have seen) that movie a lot of times.

8) Choose the correct answer for the following question:
What have you decided about your job?

a) I have decided to go to Mars.
b) I've decided to watch it only 5 minutes before it started.
c) I've decided to eat as much as I can.
d) I've decided to try another place to work at.

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