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Exercícios Inglês - Phrasal Verbs

1) Complete with the correct phrasal verbs:
a) The prisoners __________ better food. I – feel like
b) ____________ is hard to do. II – stand up for
c) I just ______ having a chocolate ice cream. III – are calling for
d) Few men are willing to _______ the truth. IV – breaking up

2) Give the correct translation for the following phrasal verbs:
a) Come true
b) Fall asleep
c) Feel like
d) Get around
e) Get back
f) Get over
g) Get up
h) Give up
i) Go away
j) Go on
k) Lay off
l) Look after
m) Look for
n) Put off
o) Run away
p) Run over
q) Set free
r) Stand up for
s) Take over
t) Turn on
u) Turn off

3) Choose the correct phrasal verb:
a) Come _____ (in / on), please. It's raining outside!
b) I really can't get ______ (into / along) with this boy.
c) Look _____ (at / on) me when I'm talking to you!
d) I think I'll put _______ (up with / on) this skirt for the party.
e) Ladies and gentlemen, this air plane is going to take _____ (off / over) within 2 minutes.

4) Match the columns:
a) Come across I – entrar
b) Get in II – encontrar ao acaso
c) Take in III – guardar, colocar no lugar
d) Put away IV – escapar
e) Get away V – enganar

5) Identify the phrasal verbs in the following sentences:
a) Sorry, ma'am, we have to carry out a thorough search of your apartment immediately.
b) May all your dreams come true.
c) Get back to where you once belonged.
d) The company is going to lay off many workers soon.
e) Can you please turn down the television?
f) She looks down on me but her folks don't even brush their teeth.
g) Quick! Get me that blanket so I can put out this fire.

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