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Exercícios Inglês - Passado Simples

1) Turn the sentences into negative form:
a) He needed some water to climb the mountain.
b) It wanted to bark when I arrived!
c) We liked your way of life.
d) They had to buy a boat.
e) I fell on the ground.

2) Turn the sentences into interrogative form:
a) It rained all night.
b) We sold everything!
c) They got off the bus at that very moment.
d) We married last year.
e) Mr. Brown tried to combine colors.

3) Correct the mistakes:
a) They didn't liked what the others sayd.
b) We watch it last Saturday.
c) He wanteds to use those sunglasses.

4) Put the words in the correct order:
a) many he sets TV did see you how has?
b) dishes I wash didn't my.
c) new I hired employee a.

5) Complete the chart with verbs in the simple past:
Example: want -> wanted

Like -> Ver resposta

Have -> Ver resposta

Make -> Ver resposta

6) Choose the correct answer in the parenthesis:
a) He ___ (selled/sold) many products.
b) They ___ (meet/met) them at the airport.
c) She ____ (drived/drove) for long kilometers.
d) It ____ (stayed/staied) outside.

7) Choose the correct answer for the following question:
Where did he find this plant?

a) He finds it easily.
b) He finded those bullets at the camp.
c) He found it at his door.
d) Not a single person knows where to find this.

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