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Exercícios Inglês - Infinitivo, Imperativo e Contrações

1) Correct the sentences, when necessary:
a) We need buy some food.
b) They have go as soon as possible.
c) Charlie wants be the best.
d) Nicole loves music.
e) He makes balls, so that children are able play.
f) Mary is going to be 65 next week.

2) What can you see in these sentences: infinite or imperative?
a) Great idea! Now go to the club and tell them we'll be there at night.
b) She will dance to learn the steps.
c) Don't break any piece of this, do you understand me?
d) Please, give me some advice.
e) Can you come to talk to me tomorrow?
f) People won't like to see you acting like this.

3) Turn the sentences into negative form:
a) Do your homework.
b) Say that again.
c) Light the stove for me.
d) Create a new design.

4) Choose the correct answer in the parenthesis:
a) Chris wants me _____ (buy/to buy) a new drawer.
b) Uncle Tom has ____ (be/to be) strong.
c) You are not going _____ (travel/to travel) with him.
d) _____ (Give/To give) them a reason so that they can release her.

5) Write the contractions, according to the example:
Example: I am fine -> I'm fine

a) She would like it.
b) They will be there.
c) We had not seen it.
d) They have gone.
e) She has bought.
f) It would not make it.
g) She is nice, very nice.
h) Do not open the door.
i) He is not able at the moment.
j) I have not written.
k) He had dreamed of it.
l) They are not relatives.

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