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Exercícios Inglês - Futuro Contínuo

1) Turn the sentences into negative form:
a) I'll have spent all my holiday money by the end of the week.
b) We'll be playing piano at 5 PM.
c) They will have left Brazil by September.
d) I will have been in London for six months by the time I leave.
e) I will be watching TV when she arrives tonight.
f) He will be sleeping when I get there.
g) They will have completed the project before the deadline.
h) I will be waiting for you when your bus arrives.

2) Turn the sentences into interrogative form:
a) It won't be raining in March.
b) They will be sleeping when I get home.
c) You will only have learned a few words.
d) By next November, I will have received my promotion.
e) By August, I will not have returned from my trip to Egypt.
f) You will be waiting for her when her plane arrives tonight.
g) He will be studying at the library tonight.
h) They won't have finished their painting yet.
3) Put the words in the correct order:
a) left when you there get she have will.
b) in December be it'll snowing.
c) of you be we'll thinking.

4) Find the mistakes:
a) We'll be have dinner at night.
b) When we get back, she will have already did all her homework.
c) The bell will be ring at midnight.
d) This time tomorrow I be lying on the beach.

5) Choose the correct answer for the following question:
Will you have finished your composition by Sunday?

a) I don't like to finish compositions.
b) I won't have finished it by tomorrow.
c) Yes, I will.
d) No, I won't finish.

6) Make questions for the answers:
They will have finished the roof by Tuesday.

At midnight we will be driving through the desert.

No, I haven't finished my homework.

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