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Exercícios Inglês - Demonstrativos e Gêneros

1) Choose the correct answers:
a) ____ (this/these) are your new clothes.
b) ____ (that/those) is the biggest I've visited once.
c) He's over there! And ____ (this/that) girl behind him is Monica.

2) Correct the mistakes:
a) Do you want that cars for you?
b) She sleeps on those bed.
c) Not everyone likes these kind of joke.
d) Did they eat that oranges?

3) Complete the chart with the opposite gender:

Ver resposta -> Mother

Ver resposta -> Lady

Husband -> Ver resposta

King -> Ver resposta

Ver resposta -> Aunt

Nephew -> Ver resposta

Ver resposta -> Actress

Lion -> Ver resposta

Ver resposta -> Waitress

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