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Exercícios Inglês - Condicional

1) Turn the sentences into negative form:
a) He would give you excuses.
b) She'd like to drink water.
c) We'd try more times, if possible.
d) The plane would land, if there was no rain.
e) I'd tell you everything.

2) Turn the sentences into interrogative form:
a) She would bring you gifts.
b) They'd be happy if you came.
c) I would love to be in Dubai.
d) It'd come in if I opened the door.
e) You'd stay more days if there was a place.

3) Correct the mistakes, if necessary:
- A: Would it be possible for you to bring me a new camera from the USA?
- B: Yes, it'd. But please give me the money in advance.
- A: But I don't have it now, I'll have if my boss paid me.
- B: Ok, I'll buy it.

4) Put the words in the correct order:
a) fast would be it?
b) today he love would receive money to.
c) you agree me with I told wouldn't if the truth you?

5) Choose the correct answer in the parenthesis:
a) They ___ (would find / will find) food in the stove if they looked for it.
b) She ___ (wouldn't go / 'd go) to your party, because she is traveling!
c) I ____ ('d buy / won't buy) this toy for you if you were a kid.
d) You ____ (would / wouldn't) do that, would you?

6) Choose the correct answer for the following question:
Who would fight for this country until the end?

a) I'd fight a little bit.
b) Fred fought three years for his country.
c) We would fight for it until we die, if necessary.
d) I would be able for that some years ago.

7) Make questions for the answers:
No, I probably wouldn't go by airplane.

She would start working next week.

It'd be at Morumbi, according to what I remember.

8) Choose the correct sentence:
a) George would have to drive for four hours until Maryland.
b) Mr. Fischer wouldn't buy that trailer for you, if you work a lot next week.
c) Robert would be able to buy you an entire city, because he's very poor.
d) It'll be more intelligent if you gave it more food.

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