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Exercícios Inglês - Cleft Sentences e Inversões

1) Make the appropriate inversion for each sentence below:
a) He had hardly begun to cry when the bus left.
b) I have seldom listened to such a beautiful song.
c) If Paolo had known that she liked pepperoni, he would have brought her pizza.
d) The actor rarely paid any attention to his employer.
e) They had never felt so happy.
f) Lisa only understood the meaning of the comment when she saw her husband.
g) We never at any time said that they were allergic to dogs.
h) The hotel cannot accept strangers under any circumstances.

2) Correct the mistakes:
a) A: I'm really hungry.
B: So, I am
b) A: I don't like opera.
B: Either do I.
c) A: I think I need to rest now.
B: So did I.

3) Form a cleft sentence with the following sentences emphasizing the letters in bold:
a) He's come to tell you the truth.
b) MARY kept a pig in the garden shed.
e) The car BROKE DOWN.
f) Jake went to London ON TUESDAY to see Colin.

4) Thank God _______ hurt in the crash.
a) didn’t more people get
b) didn’t get more people
c) more didn’t get people
d) more people didn’t get

5) The study showed _________ for maternal and child health.
a) how is nutrition important
b) how important nutrition is
c) that how important nutrition is
d) that how nutrition is important

6) The priest didn’t know what to do, _______ the rest of us.
a) so did
b) either
c) neither
d) nor did

7) __________ you see Morgan at the meeting, give him regards.
a) should
b) would
c) might
d) could

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