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Exercícios Inglês - Artigos

1) Give the correct indefinite article ("a" or "an"):
a) ___ elephant
b) ___ university
c) ___ horse
d) ___ house
e) ___ honor
f) ___ universe
g) ___ uncle
h) ___ hat
i) ___ aunt
j) ___ help
k) ___ ancient man

2) Put the indefinite articles where they're necessary:
a) She's ___ very nice person.
b) They are ___ very nice people.
c) What time is it? It's ___ nine and twenty.
d) Do you want ___ hammer for this service?
e) Do lions eat ___ animals?
f) We'd like to buy ___ new house in this village.
g) I don't have to tell you ____ single word!
h) One thing he has is ___ honor; very strong one.

3) Put the definite article ("the") where it is necessary:
a) ___ chair is in ___ room.
b) ___ Mary is at ___ school.
c) ___ device I need is on ___ a black book.
d) ___ book is on ___ table.
e) ___ my grandmother wants me to be ___ most intelligent boy.

4) Put the words in the correct order:
a) they the blue like car
b) ant is an smaller than elephant an
c) keys my pocket are the in

5) Match the columns:
a) A I) indefinite article – used before vowel sound
b) AN II) definite article – used to define exactly an object
c) THE III) indefinite article – used before consonant sound

6) Correct the mistakes:
a) Some aspects cannot be exposed during a exposition.
b) Blair eats a lettuce in an day.
c) His wife needs a gloves for tonight.

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