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Exercícios Inglês - Advérbios, Conjunções e Preposições

1) Classify those following adverbs as "adverbs of time" (T) "adverbs of place" (P) or "adverbs of manner" (M):
a) well
b) here
c) now
d) early
e) hard
f) up to now
g) near
h) slowly
i) late
j) beyond

2) Have you ever seen this man, young lady?
a) Never I have seen this man before.
b) I never have seen this man before.
c) I have never seen this man before.
d) I have seen this man never before.

3) Cida hardly understands what's going on here.
a) Cida knows all the hard facts.
b) Cida studied hard in order to get it.
c) Cida can grasp all the difficult concepts effortlessly.
d) Cida is baffled by the fleetness of time.
e) Cida can scarcely evaluate the situation.

4) Complete with the correct answers in the parenthesis:
a) Merrill died of heart disease ____ (at / on) 7 PM.
b) Does life exist ____ (in / on) the moon?
c) I'm afraid Taylor is not here, sir. He's _____ (in / on) vacation.
d) Mr. Rivera wishes to speak to you _____ (at / on) Wednesday.
e) I was born ____ (in / on) September 30th.
f) Did you meet her ____ (at / in) 9 o'clock ____ (at / in) the morning or ____ (at / in) night?
g) His parents will be back _____ (at / on) Christmas Eve.

5) Classify the words below as Adverbs (A), Conjunctions (C) and Prepositions (P):
a) with
b) always
c) but
d) between
e) here
f) very
g) after
h) of
i) nowadays

6) What is the sentence grammatically correct?
a) I seldom have seen him in such a bad mood.
b) Seldom I have seen him in such a bad mood.
c) I have seen seldom him in such a bad mood.
d) Seldom have I seen him in such a bad mood.

7) During the week I get up early ____ the morning and go to bed late ____ night. But normally ____ weekends I sleep _____ midday.
a) in-at-at-until
b) on-at-at-even
c) in-in-at-till
d) on-in-in-as far as
e) in-at-in-until

8) Use the conjunctions (After / so / and / although) to complete the sentences:
a) I'll send the books to the library __________ I have read them
b) ________ they arrived early, they could not buy the tickets
c) He sold and apartment ________ bought a house
d) The rain began to fall, _________ we went home

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