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Exercícios Inglês - Active e Passive Voice

1) Turn the sentences into passive voice:
a) Greg cleans the house.
b) Nicole is writing the book.
c) Tommy repaired the stove.
d) The man was helping the girl when the thief came into the house.
e) Many tourists have visited Austria.
f) They will have completed the lesson before the deadline.
g) They are going to have completed the project before the deadline.
h) I knew Jay would finish the work.

2) Turn the sentences into active voice:
a) The work has been being done by Jack.
b) Many cars had been repaired by Harrison.
c) The work will be finished by 8:00 PM.
d) A beautiful lunch is going to be made by Tina tonight.
e) The dishes will be being washed by John.
f) I thought a beautiful breakfast was going to be made by Jennifer.
g) The bills used to be paid by Carlos.
h) The pies would always be made by my mom.

3) Which is the correct passive voice for the following sentence:
One of the maids may have taken the jewels.
a) One of the maids may be taken the jewels.
b) The jewels may have being taken by the maids.
c) The jewels may have been taken by one of the maids.
d) One of the maids may have been taking the jewels.

4) Put the following sentence into the passive voice:
Somebody had provided his family with food.

a) His family had been provided with food.
b) Food has provided his family.
c) They provided food for his family.
d) His family has been provided with food.

5) Which of the following sentences is in the passive voice?
a) Everybody had already left when I arrived.
b) He's telling her what to do with all those old things.
c) Was anything interesting said at the meeting?
d) Who came to the party with you?

6) What's the correct active voice for the sentence: "Many theorems can be written in four forms".
a) In four forms can write many theorems.
b) One can write many theorems in four forms.
c) We can written many theorems in four forms.
d) They can to write many theorems in four forms.

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